Hello Ghost!

Wuuu... Title tu.... Macam seram kan?? No la, ini bukan post pasal supernatural stuff, it's a movie title! Have you watch it?

Tak seram, don't worry. I assure you. Even myself yang penakut ni pun boleh tengok sampai habis. Tak seram la. It's funny actually. Tapi kan...

If you jenis yang tak nak imej macho you ruin, I advice you to not watch this movie secara berjemaah. Just watch it alone. Why?? Nanti jatuh maruah you tau! :D

I seriously encourage you to watch this. It's a very very very different from any other movies that you have watched. Plus, the storyline is unique! Well, sangat unik actually. :)

So, are you macho enough?? *tiba-tiba

Thanks for reading!