A Week of Depression

Assalamualaikum and good evening.

One whole week, and the most common word said here and there is 'STRESSED'.

#google: This picture makes me stressed @.@

So, what is it actually that's making people stressed or depressed this one whole week? Well, based on my 'observations', ada banyak sebab la.

Case 1: Stressed among BFF or BFFFF or whatever you called it

I've seen this kind of problem happened quite a lot. BFF who hang out together, ber'huha-huha' together (I mean, laughing together), suddenly bawa diri masing-masing. Actually not bawa diri masing-masing la, usually the group will break into smaller groups. Know what I mean? If 5 people in a group, then it might become 3 people in 1 group and 2 in another group. Or maybe 4 in a group and 1 is left behind. Lone ranger?? *sentaphatimaknak

#google: Get it?

Case 2: Stressed among Project members

This problem will surely happen. At least once every semester. Project Manager (PM) will have to do all the job because of the rebellious group members yang tak ambil peduli tentang tanggungjawab masing-masing. If it is because of not being reminded by the PM, then it's ok. It is acceptable even though they should be aware of this when being assigned at the beginning of the semester.

I have to admit that I am in this situation. Even though I am not the PM, but I'm also kind of depressed. You want to obtain good grades but you doesn't want to get involved. Free riders. What will you learn then if you free ride? -.-'

#google: Free rider will not experience this for sure

Case 3: Stressed among Lovers

As for this, all I can say is, it's normal. As one with experinces *cough, love relationship consists of many stages. If you want to know at what stage are you both in, well, you can read it here. Please face the problems, don't run from it.

To a friend...



  1. wow soo truee laa..what more can i say.lebeh kurng sume ni i penah experience. can i share ur entry to my blog plis??

  2. kadangkadang 1 je datang, tapi kalo sekali 3 datang ! fuhhh, meleleh lah dennn ;') haha


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