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I Do It Because I Care

Assalamualaikum and good day.
It's hard to act like you don't care when the truth is you actually cared. 
It's hurts when you're being rejected. It's hurts when people doesn't believe in you. It's hurts when people make fun of you. It's hurts when people misunderstood you.
Well, truth hurts. Really. 
Ya Allah, alhamdulillah, I thanked you for showing all these to me. :')

A Week of Depression

Assalamualaikum and good evening.
One whole week, and the most common word said here and there is 'STRESSED'.

So, what is it actually that's making people stressed or depressed this one whole week? Well, based on my 'observations', ada banyak sebab la.
Case 1: Stressed among BFF or BFFFF or whatever you called it
I've seen this kind of problem happened quite a lot. BFF who hang out together, ber'huha-huha' together (I mean, laughing together), suddenly bawa diri masing-masing. Actually not bawa diri masing-masing la, usually the group will break into smaller groups. Know what I mean? If 5 people in a group, then it might become 3 people in 1 group and 2 in another group. Or maybe 4 in a group and 1 is left behind. Lone ranger?? *sentaphatimaknak

Case 2: Stressed among Project members
This problem will surely happen. At least once every semester. Project Manager (PM) will have to do all the job because of the rebellious group members yang tak ambil peduli tent…