Assalamualaikum and good day.

(1) "Awal lagi, baru pukul 8, kejap lagi la buat."

(2) "Baru pukul 10, ada masa lagi, be positive!"

(3) "Alamak, dah pukul 1 rupanya. Buat ala kadar pun ok kot."

Ok, statement (2) sangat TAK BOLEH BLAH. Siap optimistik tu! Well, this is me. Always procrastinate. During masa kecederaan ni jugakla I have time to lepak-lepak. I go blogwalking, chatting with friends in facebook and even blogging. Macam la esok tak boleh buat. -.-'

Exactly like this -.-'
Sometimes I can even tidy up my room. Susun all the books, sweeping the floor, lepak again and then I will start doing my work. Hebat isn't it? (Oh please!)

Is it?

During my class tadi in the afternoon, our lecturer did mentioned something about this. Again, it is crucial to PLAN and MANAGE the time. All of us do know about this right? Yet, no actions being taken. (PANG!! Terasanya saya -.-')

So, ganbatte everyone! Semoga we all can get rid of this procrastinate thing soon! :)